Denver Home Insurance-FAQ

How do I file a homeowners claim?
1) Notify the police in the case of a robbery; 2) Notify the insurance company as soon as you realize their has been damage or loss of property; 3) Protect your property from further damage; 4) Prepare a detailed list of the things damaged or missing; 5) Be prepared to show the insurance company the damaged goods; 6) Complete a statement for the insurance company that details what happened before, during, and after the loss occurred.

How can I lower my home insurance premium?
Shopping around, ask for discounts on your current policy, hold multiple insurance policies with the same carrier, and raise your deductible.

What should I think about when buying home insurance?

First, purchase the amount necessary to replace [Pullout:

] your home, not your mortgage. Your coverage may be larger than the amount of your mortgage for several reasons including the cost of rebuilding. Second, determine the amount of personal liability and personal property coverage you'll need.

Third, see if you'll need additional endorsements like flood insurance or increased coverage for items such as jewelry, guns, and computers. Fourth, pick a reputable insurer.

Is my personal property covered away from home?

With the exception of specifically excluded items, your personal property is covered whenever you are away from home.

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