Denver Home Insurance-Best Ways to Save Money

Would you like to save money on your Denver Home Insurance? Here are 10 tips to cut your costs.

1. Deductible - The higher the deductible, the lower your homeowner's premiums will be. Bare minimum, you should select $250 and up.
2. Good Credit - Having excellent credit will place you in the most preferred rating tier with the insurance companies.
3. Losses - Policyholders with no losses in the past 5 years will most likely be placed in the best rating tiers.
4. Alarm Credits - Check with your insurance agent and your alarm company for the type of alarm you have, and to make sure you're receiving the proper credit. A certificate of installation is normally required for proof the alarm is in your house.
5. Multi Policy Credit - Try to package your auto and home insurance together to obtain the best rate.

6. Non-smoker Discount - most companies offer non-smoker [Pullout:

] discounts. Some companies are as much as 5%.
7. Proper Amount of Coverage - To properly insure your home, the amount of insurance on the dwelling should be listed at full replacement value. Replacement value is the amount is would cost to rebuild your house at today's costs. Make sure your dwelling amount doesn't get too out of line after a few years with the same company.
8. Updates - By updating the roof, plumbing, heating, and electrical systems, the insurance company will offer a premium normally in line with their most preferred rate.
9. Age of Home - Most companies offer discounts to homes up to 20 years old.
10. Address - Insurance rates are much cheaper in the suburbs than the city.

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