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Thinking of Nip or Tuck?

Choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic for breast enlargement or another type of cosmetic surgery, is an important life-altering decision. It is vital to your safety and the success of your tummy tuck liposuction that the surgeon you choose has the right qualifications, ample experience, and documented results.

It is a good idea for the plastic surgeons in your chosen cosmetic surgery clinic to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This certification is an indication that your surgeon has had extra training in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. This also ensures that the plastic surgeon has earned his or her degree from a reputable medical school and has completed five years of additional residency.

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Reputable plastic surgeons should have privileges to perform cosmetic surgery procedures at an accredited hospital.

Ask your plastic surgeon to show you before-and-after photos of patients who have been patients at their cosmetic surgery clinic. The most important factors in choosing a plastic surgeon is your personal comfort level with the doctor.

You should feel comfortable asking questions about your cosmetic surgery procedure so that you can make an educated final decision regarding your surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Tips

Be ready for some post-surgery blues---Expect to experience some downtime and accept that itís normal to feel sad, moody and tired for the first few days after plastic surgery. Post-op depression can strike as a result of several factors. The stress and anticipation leading up to the surgery, the weight of your expectations, the medications and the adjustments youíll be making to your post-op appearance can all contribute to some serious after-surgery blahs. Keep you chin up - it will get better!

Always go to your follow up appointments---Donít let the fact that you may feel great fool you. You will need to attend your appointments regularly to ensure that youíre healing properly, identify any sign of complication and guarantee your health and wellbeing.

Follow the surgeonís instructions---Plain and simple, follow the guidelines set out by your surgeon. From medication and cosmetic surgery recovery aids, to when you may bathe and resume activity, he or she will know whatís best for your recovery process.

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