Denver Malpractice Attorney

Do you believe a physician, hospital, or medical facility made a mistake in your medical care?

A Denver Malpractice Attorney can help when a physician fails to properly treat a medical condition and the negligent act or omission is the cause of a new or aggravated injury to the patient. The physician cannot be responsible for the original underlying medical problem. The negligence in medical malpractice cases can occur in a variety of situations including but not limited to:

A) Delay or failure in diagnosing a disease. B) A surgical or anesthesia related mishap during an operative procedure.

C) The physician's failure to gain the informed


consent of the patient for an operation or

D) surgical procedure.
A physician who has made the correct diagnosis, but fails to properly treat the disease process; Misuse of Prescription Drugs or a Medical Device or Implant

If you have been harmed by negligence on the part of a physician, surgeon, nurse, therapist, hospital, nursing home, or any other medical professional or facility, immediately seek the advice of a good Denver medical malpractice lawyer.

Avoiding Malpractice Tips

Bring an advocate along. When dealing with a worrisome medical condition, we aren't always able to effectively advocate on our own behalf. Invite a trusted friend or relative to help you navigate unfamiliar medical terrain. As an advocate, he or she can listen, take notes, ask questions, monitor your medications, and provide support.

Select a caring, competent doctor. If you are fortunate enough to have the freedom to choose your own doctor, exercise this privilege wisely. Finding the right one takes research but your health is worth it. Talk to trusted friends or medical professionals for a good referral. Look for someone who is honest, respectful, experienced, board certified, and affiliated with a hospital. The physician should respect confidentiality and run a clean, well organized office. If you have doubts about a particular doctor, check with the state medical board and local court records to determine whether - or how often - the doctor has been sued for malpractice.

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