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Have you had an auto accident and need legal representation? Check here for Denver Personal Injury Attorneys. Been arrested for a DUI? If so you will need a Denver Criminal Lawyer. Has a doctor's misdiagnosis injured you or your relatives? Look here for a Denver Medical Malpractice Lawyer. Do you need help with a divorce or adoption? We can help you find a Denver Family Lawyer. Is the IRS pursuing you? You will need to retain a Denver Tax Attorney.

Use our legal resource center to compile a short list of attorneys who are best suited to handle your legal needs.

Plan to speak with each attorney before making a final decision, and consider asking these questions

developed by the American Bar Association during the interview:

How does the attorney calculate legal fees?

What expenses will you, the client, be responsible for in addition to fees?
Can — and will — the attorney provide an estimate of total fees and expenses?
How much time does the attorney estimate he or she will need to complete your legal matter? (Remember, a lawyer cannot predict the total number of hours of work that will involved, particularly if your legal case involves a dispute with another party.)

Choosing A Lawyer Tips

Lawyer referral services You can contact a lawyer referral service, which will connect you with a lawyer who specializes in your problem for around $30. Some services will allow you to talk with a lawyer for the first half hour at no charge. These services can be found in the yellow pages under "Attorney Referral Services," "Attorneys" or "Lawyers." Talk to your friends. Some of the most reliable referrals are from people you trust - fellow business owners, friends and family - who have used lawyers recently. If you already know lawyers, talk to them as well. Advertisements Don't believe everything you see in an advertisement. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious of words such as "free" and "no charge." Many reputable lawyers do not advertise, so don't assume that the size of the ad is related to the quality of the lawyer. Don't hire a lawyer who comes knocking at your door. If a lawyer solicits your business without your permission, he or she may be "ambulance chasing." And ambula

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