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Have you had an auto accident and need legal representation? Check here for Denver Personal Injury Attorneys. Been arrested for a DUI? If so you will need a Denver Criminal Lawyer. Has a doctor's misdiagnosis injured you or your relatives? Look here for a Denver Medical Malpractice Lawyer. Do you need help with a divorce or adoption? We can help you find a Denver Family Lawyer. Is the IRS pursuing you? You will need to retain a Denver Tax Attorney.

Use our legal resource center to compile a short list of attorneys who are best suited to handle your legal needs.

Plan to speak with each attorney before making a final decision, and consider asking these questions

developed by the American Bar Association during the interview:

How does the attorney calculate legal fees?

What expenses will you, the client, be responsible for in addition to fees?
Can — and will — the attorney provide an estimate of total fees and expenses?
How much time does the attorney estimate he or she will need to complete your legal matter? (Remember, a lawyer cannot predict the total number of hours of work that will involved, particularly if your legal case involves a dispute with another party.)

Choosing A Lawyer Tips

Understand all the legal costs before you sign the dotted line---Hourly rates If you choose to pay by the hour, you agree to pay the lawyer's bill regardless of the outcome of your case. You should also expect to pay for out-of-pocket fees associated with the case, such as postage, photocopies and long-distance calls. Ask your lawyer to keep a detailed record of hours worked on the case. Make sure the contract states the lawyer's and his employees' billing rates, and your right to audit records and expenses. Contigency fees A contingency fee arrangement means that you do not pay the lawyer a fee unless the case is won or settled out of court. Typically, contingency fees amount to less than 33 percent of an award if cases are settled, and up to 50 percent if the case goes to court. Before you sign the contract, be sure to negotiate the fee. Most contingency fee arrangements also deduct out-of-pocket costs, such as photocopying and phone calls. Determine if the fee will be paid before or after the lawyer's ex

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