Laser Eye Surgery Denver-Benefits

While complications of LASIK surgery occur in a small percentage of cases, most patients are extremely pleased with their LASIK results. The benefits of LASIK eye surgery are many:

• Visual acuity usually is better than with corrective lenses.

• Career choice expands as opportunities in law enforcement, aviation, and other fields become possible.

• Freedom from corrective eyewear enhances the enjoyment of outdoor and sporting activities.

• The inconveniences of glasses disappear. [Pullout:

] There is no worry about broken frames or lenses, and there will never again be a frantic search for a lost pair of glasses.In addition, LASIK patients enjoy the cosmetic benefit of not having glasses obscure the face.

• Contact lens wearers no longer have to trouble with cleaning solutions or endure the expense of disposable lenses. A piece of grit under a lens will never again cause an immediate stop to all activities.

• The aggravation of replacing lost or broken eyewear will never interrupt a vacation or business trip.

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