Laser Eye Surgery Denver-Risks

Most prospective surgical patients are aware that any surgery has inherent risks . LASIK surgery possesses risks as well. Though rare, occurring in about 1 to 5 percent of cases, some patients do experience LASIK laser eye surgery complications:

• Some patients report sensitivity to light. This is often temporary.

• Halos, starbursts, and glare can occur when the corneal flap does not adhere correctly to the eye after it is replaced. Additional treatment can usually remedy this problem.

• With LASIK, overcorrection or undercorrection is possible. Extreme cases may necessitate further treatment. Mild cases can be effectively addressed by wearing glasses when necessary.

• The cornea can permanently warp as it heals, [Pullout:

] resulting in irregular astigmatism.

• Loss of visual clarity or regression, can occur. Women on hormone therapy may be at particular risk of regression.

• The eyes may lose the ability to produce sufficient moisture, necessitating the permanent use of eye drops.

• Loss of contrast sensitivity after LASIK surgery can impair the patient’s ability to clearly discern objects. This is particularly noticeable in low light conditions and may affect night driving ability. Patients usually find that contrast sensitivity returns to normal within six months.

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