Small Business Accounting Software

Are you looking for small business accounting software to help you do your job faster - or better! QuickBooks and Quicken are two solutions that are routinely used to keep accounting measures in order.
Which one should you choose? QuickBooks is for small business finance departments that need more bells and whistles with their small business accounting software.If you're growing your small business into something more than a solo operation, then QuickBooks will provide you with the business tax and accounting solutions that you need to succeed. Quicken is a less formal tool than its counterpart, QuickBooks. It tracks all of your personal and business expenses in one place and allows you to see how your business is doing.

Most small business owners have found that as the years pass and both versions are updated, they're becoming more alike and easier for the end user to figure out.


There are certain things one solution will do that the other one won't, so you have to size up your own small business finances and see what you personally need it to do. For example, Quicken lets you set up a loan that automatically calculates your interest and principle, while QuickBooks makes you manually enter the information.

Compare both small business accounting software products and see which one is a good trade-off for you. Get Up To 20% Off QuickBooks Accounting Software Products + Free Shipping

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