Denver Tanning Salons

Would you like to have a just-back-from Tahiti glow?

If you have 10-15 minutes you can be on the way to getting that bronzed body you cherish. Denver Tanning Salons have truly grownup and use one or possibly both of two types of tanning booths - horizontal or vertical.

In a horizontal booth, the tanner lies down to receive the rays, while a vertical booth provides light from all sides while the tanner stands.

Either way, good results will be achieved, especially if the staff of the tanning-salon is well trained and knowledgeable.


When you go to Denver tanning salons, the staff should ask you questions to determine your skin type and develop a schedule of treatments based on that schedule.

It will usually take several short minutes, ranging from 10 to 15-minute sessions to produce a great tan, but these sessions are generally inexpensive and can fit in with your busy schedule.

Sunless Tanning Tips

Sunless Tanning Lotion---Sunless tanning lotions are commonly confused with other products, like tanning pills or bronzers or even sunscreen. Sunless tanning lotions are a way to chemically induce a tan on your skin. Sunless tanning lotion products contain dihydroxyacetone -- DHA. When DHA is combined with amino acids naturally found in your body, it produces melanoidins. Melanoidins are brown in color though the effects are temporary; this color is only applied to the top most layer of the skin. The skin naturally replaces itself as skin cells fall off every day. To keep the color, you would have to re-apply the lotion as directed. The process of sunless tanning lotion should not be confused with true tanning under UV rays, which stimulates the melanin in the skin to produce color. This involves much deeper penetration of the skin and while the results are similar, you are not getting the other benefits of being exposed to UV rays, such as getting some vitamin D.

Tanning Pills---Depending on the tanning pill you take, you might find different ingredients. One of the most popular ones contains caretenoid pigments. Think of it as supposedly containing ‘food coloring’ for the body. It colors your fat cells, which shows through the skin. However, this is dangerous according to the Food and Drug Administration. Other tanning pills include other ‘tanning’ herbs or natural remedies, but simply don’t work. No tanning pill stimulates the production of melanin, which creates a darker looking color on your skin. In some cases, the tanning pills will make a body more sensitive to tanning rays, but this could be dangerous, as not everyone will tan.

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