Denver Tanning Salons

Would you like to have a just-back-from Tahiti glow?

If you have 10-15 minutes you can be on the way to getting that bronzed body you cherish. Denver Tanning Salons have truly grownup and use one or possibly both of two types of tanning booths - horizontal or vertical.

In a horizontal booth, the tanner lies down to receive the rays, while a vertical booth provides light from all sides while the tanner stands.

Either way, good results will be achieved, especially if the staff of the tanning-salon is well trained and knowledgeable.


When you go to Denver tanning salons, the staff should ask you questions to determine your skin type and develop a schedule of treatments based on that schedule.

It will usually take several short minutes, ranging from 10 to 15-minute sessions to produce a great tan, but these sessions are generally inexpensive and can fit in with your busy schedule.

Sunless Tanning Tips

Sunless Tanning Salon---Most tanning salons have sunless tanning options. This may include spray or airbrush tanning, self tanning lotions or tanning booths. A tanning salon will have an attendant available to help you with your needs. He or she may ask you why you want a tan. This is important as a tanning booth tan will take time, but it is natural and has many benefits. Self tanning lotions last a couple of weeks and can show results in a couple of hours, but the lotions are sometimes hard to apply. Airbrush tanning can work for a temporary fix. A tanning salon attendant will be able to explain the difference between each of the self tanning processes.

Sunless Tanning---Sunless tanning is a commonly used word for both self tanning lotions and tanning booths. The benefits of sunless tanning are tanning without worrying about weather changes and conditions. In order to keep a healthy, glowing tan, it is better to have a regular regime with a tanning booth or use self tanning lotions as part of a sunless tanning strategy. It can be considered a safe method of tanning, as it is regulated. If done properly you will have minimized the risk of sunburns and cancer while still getting a tan.

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