Health Insurance Denver-Save Money

Working couples with health insurance in Denver from two employers may be able to get more or pay less than one-income couples. Depending on the premiums and benefits of each available plan, the best deal may be separate coverage for each, double coverage for both, or forgoing one spouse's coverage in favor of the other's.

Take advantage of Your Tax Breaks

If you're self-employed, you may be able to deduct 45% of your insurance premium from your gross income. If your employer offers a flexible spending

account, sign up. You can pay your premium as well as expenses not [Pullout:

] covered by insurance with money that's not subject to income tax or Social Security taxes.

Find a Subsidy

If your income is very low, if you're permanently disabled or if your medical expenses are extremely high, you may qualify for federal or state-subsidized insurance, such as Medicare or Medicaid (check your state Medicaid office). Regardless of your ability to pay, you may be qualified to receive free primary care through public health clinics.

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