Low Cost Health Insurance

Looking for a quick resource for figuring out how to understand and purchase affordable low cost health insurance?

Today, there are two basic types of low cost health insurance: Fee for Service (indemnity plans) and managed care.

The information presented here will help you choose the right plan.


You may be buying low cost health insurance for the first time, or you may already have health insurance Denver, but want to consider changing plans.

Married or single, children or no children, this information will help you to find out how to choose a low cost health insurance plan in Denver that best meets your needs and saves you money.

Health Insurance Q and A Tips

What happens to my health insurance during a period of personal leave without pay?---It depends on the employer to decide what, if any, ongoing coverage they are willing to provide.

We will be having/adopting a child soon. How do I add this child to my health and dental insurance coverage?---You may notify and add new born children within 30 days of their birth date. Adopted children may be added after they fill out an application and go through the enrollment process.

What happens to my health insurance in the event of a layoff, illness or other types of leave?---If you are ill or hospitalized (i.e. automobile accident), your insurance benefits will remain in place. Persons leaving employment are entitled to continue the health coverage for up to 18 months under a Federal law referred to as COBRA. Cost of coverage is borne fully by the employee under COBRA.

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