Implant Dentists

Implant dentists fix missing or chipped teeth with a variety of bonding treatments that include Denver porcelain veneers. A missing tooth is usually not bonded, but actually replaced with a dental implant through cosmetic dental surgery. These are prosthetics that are anchored to the jawbone

They look just like the real thing, and your friends would be hard pressed to notice the change. A chipped tooth can be fixed by implant dentists with a bonding compound. These are composite resins that can be molded to replace missing portions of teeth. They are then hardened with a curing laser or light source.

Basically anyone who is missing one or more of their teeth due to injury, disease, or decay there's


a number of teeth missing dental implants in conjunction with a crown or bridge can replace them.

The rule of thumb is that if you’re healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, you're may be a candidate for dental implants.  Additionally, implant dentists will study your family and your medical history in order to make final decision about replacing your teeth.

Understanding Porcelain Veneers

I had veneers done recently by a dentist and they look awful. How difficult is it to have them re-done---Some of the more challenging cases which I have had were fixing someone else's mistakes. Unfortunately, there are dentists who do not have the skill level to treat simple or moderate to advanced veneer cases and consequently end up with less than acceptable results. To answer your question, yes. Old veneers can removed, but is very tedious if they were bonded correctly. The question is how well were the teeth prepared prior having the veneers bonded? I have seen cases where an excessive amount of tooth structure was removed and ultimately can compromise the longevity of the teeth and veneers. Make sure the dentist that you are using can show you ample photos of cases he has done.

I have discoloration at the margins of my veneers where they meet the tooth and I can see my old tooth color between my teeth. Is there anything I can do---Bite and Occlusion Ask The Dentist Dental Health Directory Mitchell Pohl It sounds like the veneers were not bonded correctly. Either you have resin cement that has discolored or there is a gap and stains are getting into the margin. The fact that you can see the color of your original tooth probably means that the tooth was not reduced properly so that the porcelain would cover that part of the tooth.

How long will veneers last---Porcelain veneers were first being used as a cosmetic restoration in the 1980's. Several factors can affect the longevity of veneers, such as: the effectiveness of the bond to the tooth, the patient's bite, and inappropriate use of one's teeth. Realistically speaking on average,(taking into account all levels of technical ability) it is not unreasonable for one to expect to replace some or all veneers after ten year period.

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