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Are you looking for the best local flower shops Denver to place orders for fresh flowers,indoor plants, or gourmet gift baskets? It could be because someone's celebrating a birthday, or because someone's sick. Your mother got a promotion or your best friend is getting married and needs to create her flower girl dresses.

It's easy to find a reason to send flowers, but we've all had problems when we want to find the best local flower shops Denver. Our service will locate a florist for you in the area where you want the flowers delivered. Just enter the name of a city or a zip code, and with a click of your mouse, you'll have a list of local florists in the area where you want your flowers sent.

There are many advantages to using a local florist.


They will know what flowers are freshest and most easily available in their area. They'll know local customs and tastes. They may even know the person to whom you're sending the flowers, and can make recommendations based on what that person usually buys! Finally, because they are local, it is often possible to get deliveries from flower shops Denver the same day.

However some holidays require special consideration when ordering online, Mother's Day for example is one of their busiest days of the year, and also falls on a Sunday. So please try to get your order in early. Mom will be glad you did.

Flower Shopping Tips

If flower petals are soft and flopping, these flowers have probably been deprived of water or have been place in a draft (in supermarkets particularly, flowers are often positioned inside the door where they are at the mercy of cold drafts)

Roses are still one of the most popular flowers around and now that supermarkets stock such a wonderful array of colours at really great prices they find their way into many homes. A blown bloom suggests that a Rose is getting towards the end of its life. Sometimes to extend the shelf life of Roses, growers will pick off the outer blown petals to make the Rose look like its in bud again. You can always tell if a Rose has been picked over by just giving he head a gentle squeeze. If the Rose hasn't been picked over, the head should feel firm and dense to the touch, if it has been picked over if will feel soft

Don't buy Irises if you predict a thunderstorm, they'll wither and die

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