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Denver Real Estate is something everyone wants to own. This is especially true given the wide range of choices in the Denver Metro Area.  Denver has something to offer to most people with varying budgets. Choices include houses and apartments for singles, small families, and go all the way to luxury homes and upscale lofts and condominiums.  

Please allow our Denver real estate experts to assist you through every step of the way.


We have up-to-date information available on all of the Metro Denver Real Estate areas including Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek, Lone Tree, Ridge Gate, Centennial, Castle Rock, Castle Pines as well as the classic, more established areas of Denver including Cherry Hills Village, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Littleton, Ken Caryl, Aurora, and Parker. 



Keeping you, the discerning buyer in mind, this site is a rich resource for your home-buying needs. Visit our Denver Real Estate Blog for timely articles and tools related to buying your next Denver area home or sell the one you now own.  Doing a Portland refinance on your vacation home?  Looking for home owners insurance?  This comprehensive section is a great free resource to research information on every aspect of buying and selling real estate. 


If you have any questions or would like to buy or sell your Metro Denver Property, please contact us at Broker One Real Estate (303) 880-4944. You may also receive answers quickly and without obligation by e-mailing us here at Your privacy is guaranteed and we will try and respond to your query in the shortest possible time.


Real Estate Tips

Choosing your property---This is usually the most exciting time. When you actually get to go out on your quest for the property you desire. Maybe youíre determined to live in a particular neighborhood; maybe youíre looking for a particular type of home, and are flexible about the location as long as it has all the features you want. In any case, the best source to find leads about the property you want include the Multiple Listing Service, Internet sites, and newspaper classifieds. Another way that has been extremely fruitful to many people is to go out and explore neighborhoods, and be on the lookout for any For Sale signs.

Identify What Youíre Looking For---You already have some idea of what kind of real estate youíre interested in, but it is often a very useful and enlightening exercise to actually list down on paper what you actually want in your property. Real estate experts suggest breaking down your list into: Must have features. This may include the size of property you want, number of rooms, location, etc. Be as broad as possible. The point is to identify what must be on that property in order for you to be interested.


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