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With life as fast paced and competitive as it is today, who has time to stop by Barnes and Noble, find a 400 page business book, and digest it before the information is outdated?

Not too many! Most entrepreneurs and executives rely on business book summaries to give them the skinny within eight pages - a boiled down zero fluff and filler detailed account of what the meat of the book is. Book summaries are fast emerging as the top tool of choice to help men and women gain a competitive edge by learning new skills and sharpening old ones in record time.

A book summary is a 5,000 word synopsis that highlights and gives you working knowledge the book’s main points. Books on tape are also available in audio CD formats for listening to on personal computers and pocket PC handheld devices.

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Book Summaries help busy businesspeople to keep current with trends that are important to them - from sales to finances. They ensure you get a well-rounded education in a fraction of the time it takes to read a hardcover or paperback book. Not only do you save time reading book summaries, but you also save money, too. Book summaries are less expensive than a hard cover or paper back book.

It's like having a virtual assistant go to continuing education classes for you. They attend class, listen to the hour-long lecture, and sum up what you need to know in 5 minutes or less. A book summary is similar to that. Once you read one, you'll find that you will keep coming back again and again.

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Why Use Book Summaries

What's a book Summary---Soundview Executive Book Summaries are 5,000-word eight-page distillations of business books. A Summary covers the book's main points and highlights and gives you a working knowledge of its contents. A Summary isn't merely a digest or excerpts strung together. It's a seamless document that reads (and holds your interest) like a magazine article. And you retain more of the content when you read a Summary than when you read a book. A major university study proved that a few years back. Finally, Summaries not only save you time and money. They keep you abreast of the latest ideas and techniques, and they help you decide whether a book is worth reading in its entirety.

What kinds of topics do the Summaries and reviews cover---If it's of interest to business people, we cover it. These include the usual suspects like management books, books on finance or manufacturing, economics, sales, small business, career and success techniques, etc. But we also occasionally cover books on topics that affect all business people, like health care, the environment, politics, and so on.

Who reads the Summaries and reviews and why---Soundview screens and evaluates business books for executives worldwide. These people range from CEOs to managers just starting out, and everyone in between. Subscribers include managers, sales and marketing people, entrepreneurs, consultants, academics and students, people in manufacturing and finance, human resources -- you name it. As diverse as this group is, our subscribers have a few things in common. They are ambitious, for example, and they recognize that to succeed they must keep abreast of current business trends and ideas. They also know that, in the business world, education must be an ongoing process. To stop learning is to fall behind. Whatever their motivation, Summary readers find themselves more effective on the job and more successful in their careers.

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